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Big Bobbies, Hoochie Kus, and Poopie Slots
RW/RR Challenge Season 12 - Fresh Meat - Episodes 1-2

By BillyPilgrim

What I Done on my Sumar Vaction
by Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski
English Compostion 101
Louisiana State University

Boy it sure does get old righting this same old essay ever year but i'am very allmost sure that this is the yeer i'am gonna get a C-minnus- on this paper called "What I Done on my Sumar Vaction" by Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski to pass this English class finelee. They say the 5ifth time is the charm onnly ths is my 6xth time but i'am an ovaryacheever! Corral say that too me oncet "Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski u r an ovaryacheever!" Any how I done many fun things on my sumar vaction an that is what i'am gonna right about hear in this English paper called "What I Done on My Sumar Vaction" by Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowkski. That is me I am Theo, Chickamauga, Vonkurnatowski.

This last sumar vaction what i'am gonna tale u bout was a fun one. I dun went to Austria an dun did anudder Challenged. Challengeds is r when all us peoples what was on the Real world nad Rode Rules dun get toogether an we fighte and have dirty S-E-X and then we do Challengeds where we lift heavy stuff with r big mscules an we also doo Challengeds that r puzzles that we doo with r big brians.Austria is a cuntry were their r kanegaroos. Kanegaroos sound a lot lick underroos onlee kanegaroos dont wear underwears. they doo sumtimes wear boxxing gloves like Muhammad Atta. If we do the Challengeds write then John Murrray gived us Chillies Bucks and bungeee cord equipment and Kia Sophiass.

Hear is who sum of who was wit me inn Austria. Corral is a blackish girl who dun 72 Challengeds beefore. She has big bobbies an sumtime she screem an yell "Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski do'nt not putt things that u fine on the ground in ur mouht!" Corral is scarred of spdiders and she scars me sumtimes when she screems an yells onlee she has big bobbies an i like big bobbies so she dont' not scar me to muchs. speaking of Big Bobbies their is also a new girl named of Melinduh who has allmost as Big Bobbies as Corral. Onlee Melinduhs' Big Bobbies is each diffrant sizes! Her write Big Bobbie is like 2 handsful of Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski an but her left Big Bobbie is onlee like 1one and a haff handfuls of Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski. I am Theo, Chickamauga, Vonkurnatowski, an this is What I Done on my Sumar Vaction for u too read now.

Melinduh is datin Danny. Danny is from Bahstun an he is a lucky lucky man too get too tuch Melinduhs 2 diffrant Big Bobbies. I oncet got too tuch the Big Bobbies of anudder girl what was on this Challengeds agin. Her name is Tonyu. Onnlee her Big Bobbies is not real Big Bobbies they is fake Big Bobbies what her ex-boyfreind buoght for her in Wallow Wallow Washingten where she is from. Her fake Big Bobbies felt hard an tough lick the Christmas friutcake that my grandmother Sybil Vicksburg Vonkurnatowski gets me ever yeer for Christmas ever yeer. I also dun put my cooter in Tonyus' hoochie ku oncet before onlee i had to pee funny for a couple of two months after i dun put my cooter in Tonyu's hoochie ku so i did'nt not put my cooter in her hoochie ku anymore. Tonyu's hoochie ku felt like a blogna samwitch.

Durrell is was anudder guy what was on the Challengeds. He is blackish an he has big msucles an i dont' think he put his cooter in anyones hoochie ku. Durrell is ALL ABOUT WHINING. He allways say "WHINE AT ALLL COSTSS! GRRR!" an then he flexxes his big msucle fists an arms. Joeyanni is anudder girl what was on the Challengeds. She did'nt not hav Big Bobbies but she did have Big Hairs. Shes a Rushian Comeunist basttard but she lets Wes put his cooter in her hoochie ku. Wes is a funny funny FUNNY guy who is verry smart an he is not afraid of kanegaroos. He has big msucles in his arms an stummach an his head. Shane is annuder boy what was on the Challengeds. He is a funny funny FUNNY guy too but not in the same ways that Wes is funny. Shane doesnt' not like Big Bobbies or hoochie kus he licks too put his cooter in other boys poopie slots. That'is OK wit me onlee he better not put his cooter in my poopie slot. My poopie slot is for poopie onlee no cooters alloud! Catty is anudder girl what was on the Challengeds. Her dad is in the pen. I wonder if Cattys dad knos my Uncle Ralph Murfreesboro Vonkurnatowski who is in the pen too. That is most of the peopels what was on the Challengeds. I am Theo, Chickamauga, Vonkurnatowski and this is What I Done on my Sumar Vaction.

We allso had Fresh Meet on this Challengeds this time. Fresh Meet is new peopels what aint' ever had sex with John Murrray befour. each of us Old Meets had a Fresh Meet pardner to do Challengeds with. My Fresh Meet pardner was is Shamu. Shamu was a blackish girl with tinny but strong mscules. I picted Shamu fore my Fresh Meet pardner becuze she is a autistic athalite who has many athalitic autisms. Her Big Bobbies were'tn not verry big but she had long finnger nails too make up four her Small Big Bobbies. An she can swim! I never dun met a blackish peerson on a Challengeds befour what could swim! I wonders were John Murrays found such a thing as Shamu a blackish girl who can swim. Its' a puzzel to me Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski.

Our first Challengeds What I Done on my Sumar Vacation was standin on a tall buildin with nothin but 27 ropes an bungeee cords too keep us from fallin too our deaf. John Murrray tell us all befour the cameras was turnd on "If u want too get ur Chillis Bucks and Kia Sophiass u need too sum of u pretned that u r scarred of hites!" I allmost said back "No way John Murrrays becuze Theo Chickamauga Vonkunatowski is scarred of nuthin axcept for sumtimes Corral when she yells an screems an gets that scarry lines on her fourheads!" Me and Shamu an I we allmosted fall down but we didnt' not becuze I'am Old Meet an I hav much Challengeds expeereance wit tall buidlins an bungeee cords. John Murrray luvs tall buildins an bungee cords! Me an Shamu an I comed in 2second place. Thatis bitter than 3ird place. Corral comed in 1first place becuze she scarred that big buildin and bungeee cord wit her looks of vingence!

Corral pickded Wes an his Fresh Meet named Casey too go to Exlax Isladn too maybee be elemonated. Then the rest of us vooted to sin Danny an his Fresh Meet named Ev too go to Exlax Isladn. Ev is a funny funny FUNNY girl liked Shane is a funny funny FUNNY guy. Ev licks udder girls' hoochie kus bitter than boys' cooters. Butt befour they go to Exlax Isladn we did anudder Challengeds were we stooded on tree trunks an throwed balls at each udder. I throwed the ball at Melinduh's 2 diffrant sizded udders. Butt then Shamu falled down an we did'nt not win. Corral did win agin becuze the ball was scarred of her. Corral dont' not even need a Fresh Meet pardner to win becuze she is so scarry and touhg.

The Exlax Isladn Challengeds was too carry hevy baggs acrost the dessert an do puzzels. Wes did'nt not want too do the puzzels becuze they hurted his big brians too much. Danny an Ev lost so that meens he dont' not get too tuch Melinduhs 2 diffrant size Big Bobbies four awile.I woudl'nt not mind tuchin her write Bigger Bobbie four Danny while he is away. I like Big Bobbies even iffen they r diffrant sizeds.

Befour we wented to bed Wes dun a funny funny FUNNY thing! Wes dun righted D-A-N-N-Y on papers an then he stalpeded them too Evan's poopie slot. Evan is what anudder Fresh Meet who John Murrray tole him "Evan you r Fresh Meet an u haf too get D-A-N-N-Y stalpeded too ur poopie slot becuze that is what Fresh Meet does do. They does get D-A-N-N-Y stalpeded too there poopie slot iffen they wants too be on camara."

This is onlee sum of the things I me Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski What I Done on my Sumar Vaction. Perhaps I will tell u sum more of What I Done on my Sumar Vaction next year iffen i take this class agin.

I am Theo Chickamauga Vonkurnatowski and that is What I Done on my Sumar Vaction. Thank you verry much for redding this What I Done on my Sumar Vaction.

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